This month Kandou founder and CEO Dr Amin Shokrollahi was interviewed by Micro-Electronics magazine. An ideal warm up for the dialogues Amin will be engaging in at the Computex expo in Taipei, Taiwan, he spoke at length with journalist Jikuan Huang about high-speed interfaces, generative AI, and the rapid pace of change.

“…in order to prevent data transmission from becoming the performance bottleneck of terminal products, high-speed interface technology must continue to keep pace with the times.” – Dr Amin Shokrollahi

As well as the ubiquity of retimers in extending the transmission distance, Amin reiterated the importance of differentiated solutions in being competitive – and that lower latency and power consumption, are where Kandou continue to do it.

You can explore the full article here behind the Micro-Electronics paywall – in Mandarin Chinese. But if you don’t have a subscription, or speak Chinese, you can hear it all and more from the man himself at Computex next week.